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Exam 98-367: Security fundamentals - Microsoft
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Exam 98-367: Security fundamentals – Microsoft:
This exam validates that a candidate has fundamental security knowledge and skills. It can serve as a stepping stone to the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) exams. It is recommended that candidates become familiar with the concepts and the technologies described here by taking relevant training courses. Candidates are expected to have some hands-on experience with Windows Server, Windows-based networking, Active Directory, anti-malware products, firewalls, network topologies and devices, and network ports.

pass4itsure 98-367 exam Skills measured

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.

  • Understand security layers (25–30%)
  • Understand operating system security (35-40%)
  • Understand network security (20–25%)
  • Understand security software (15–20%)

The latest Microsoft MTA 98-367 exam practice questions test your strength

You need to prevent unauthorized users from reading a specific file on a portable computer if the portable computer is
What should you implement?
A. File-level permissions
B. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
C. Folder-level permissions
D. Distributed File System (DFS)
E. BitLocker
Correct Answer: E


By default, what level of security is set for the Local intranet zone?
A. High-Medium
B. Medium-Low
C. High
D. Low
Correct Answer: B
The default security level of the Local intranet zone is Medium-Low. Internet Explorer (IE) allows configuring different
levels of security for different types of Web sites by segmenting them into the following security zone:
Local Intranet: IE can be configured to detect intranet sites automatically. Users can add Web sites to this zone through
Local Intranet sites dialog box. Protected Mode is not enabled for sites in this zone. The default security level of this
is Medium- Low.
Trusted Sites: Putting sites in the Trusted Sites zone often provide elevated privileges. The default security level for this
zone is Medium. Restricted Sites: Potentially malicious sites are put in this zone. The default security level for this zone
High. Protected Mode is enabled by default for sites in this zone. Internet: The sites that are not contained in other
zones are automatically hosted in this zone. Sites in this zone are blocked from viewing private data from other Web
sites. The
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default security level of this zone is Medium-High. Protected Mode is enabled by default for sites in this zone.
The three default security levels are Medium, Medium-High, and High.


Humongous Insurance is an online healthcare insurance company. During an annual security audit a security firm tests
the strength of the company\\’s password policy and suggests that Humongous Insurance implement password history
What is the likely reason that the security firm suggests this?
A. Past passwords were easily cracked by the brute force method.
B. Past passwords of users contained dictionary words.
C. Previous password breaches involved use of past passwords.
D. Past passwords lacked complexity and special characters.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following types of attack is used to configure a computer to behave as another computer on a trusted
network by using the IP address or the physical address?
A. Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack
B. Honeypot
C. RIP/SAP Spoofing
D. Identity spoofing
Correct Answer: D
Identity spoofing (IP address spoofing) will occur when the attacker wants to use an IP address of a network, computer,
or network component without being authorized for this task. It allows the unprivileged code to use someone else\\’s
identity, and use their security credentials Answer: B is incorrect. A honey pot is a computer that is used to attract
potential intruders or attackers. It is for this reason that a honey pot has low security permissions. A honey pot is used to
gain information about the intruders and their attack strategies. Answer: C is incorrect. RIP and SAP are used to
broadcast network information in a regular way regardless of no changes in the routing or service tables. RIP/SAP
spoofing method is used to intercept the SAP and RIP broadcasts by using a spoofing modem/router, and then re-
broadcast network information via its own routing table or service table. Answer: A is incorrect. In the distributed denial
of service (DDOS) attack, an attacker uses multiple computers throughout the network that it has previously infected.
Such computers act as zombies and work together to send out bogus messages, thereby increasing the amount of
phony traffic. The major advantages to an attacker of using a distributed denial-of-service attack are that multiple
machines can generate more attack traffic than one machine, multiple attack machines are harder to turn off than one
attack machine, and that the behavior of each attack machine can be stealthier, making it harder to track down and shut
down. TFN, TRIN00, etc. are tools used for the DDoS attack.

Keeping a server updated:
A. Maximizes network efficiency
B. Fixes security holes
C. Speeds up folder access
D. Synchronizes the server
Correct Answer: B


The company that you work for wants to set up a secure network, but they do not have any servers. Which three
security methods require the use of a server? (Choose three.)
A. 802.1x
B. WPA2 Personal
C. WPA2 Enterprise
E. 802.11ac
Correct Answer: ACD


A mail system administrator scans for viruses in incoming emails to increase the speed of mail processing.
Select the correct answer if the underlined text does not make the statement correct. Select “No change is needed” if
the underlined text makes the statement correct.
A. Decrease the chances of a virus getting to a client machine
B. Verify that the senders of the messages are legitimate
C. Ensure that all links in the messages are trustworthy
D. No change is needed.
Correct Answer: A


Sam works as a Web Developer for McRobert Inc. He wants to control the way in which a Web browser receives
information and downloads content from Web sites. Which of the following browser settings will Sam use to accomplish
A. Security
B. Certificate
C. Cookies
D. Proxy server
Correct Answer: A
The Web browser\\’s Security setting controls the way in which a Web browser receives information and downloads
content from Web sites. In Internet Explorer, users can access the Security setting from Tools menu > Internet Options
Security tab page.
Answer: C is incorrect. A cookie is a small bit of text that accompanies requests and pages as they move between Web
servers and browsers. It contains information that is read by a Web application, whenever a user visits a site. Cookies
stored in the memory or hard disk of client computers. A Web site stores information, such as user preferences and
settings in a cookie. This information helps in providing customized services to users. There is absolutely no way a
server can access any private information about a user or his computer through cookies, unless a user provides the
information. The Web server cannot access cookies created by other Web servers. Answer: D is incorrect. Proxy server
setting is used to connect to the Internet through a proxy server.


Mark works as a Systems Administrator for TechMart Incl. The company has Windows-based network. Mark has been
assigned a project to track who tries to log into the system and the time of the day at which the attempts occur. He is
also required to create a system to track when confidential files are opened and who is trying to open it. Now, Mark logs
when someone is not able to make a successful attempt to log into the system as Administrator but he also wants to log
when the user is successful to log into the system as Administrator. Which of the following is the reason of logging by
Mark when a user is successfully logged into the system as well as when he is failed?
A. To determine if and when someone is authenticating successfully with high privilege.
B. To make sure that user is not using the Administrator account.
C. To determine if and when someone is authenticating successfully with high privilege.
D. To make sure that user is not facing any problem.
Correct Answer: C
In the above scenario, Mark is required to determine if and when someone is able to be authenticated successfully with
high privilege as well as the hacker activity. If any user was failed for a number of times and was then successful any
attempt, it can be a hacker activity. That\\’s why Mark logs when a user is successfully logged into the system as well as
when he is failed.

You have an application that uses IPsec to secure communications between an Internet client and a server on the
internal network.
To which network security service must the IPsec client connect?
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is a method of capturing and recording computer users\\’ keystrokes including sensitive
A. Using hardware keyloggers
B. Using Alchemy Remote Executor
C. Using SocketShield
D. Using Anti-virus software
Correct Answer: A
Hardware keyloggers are used for keystroke logging, a method of capturing and recording computer users\\’ keystrokes,
including sensitive passwords. They can be implemented via BIOS-level firmware, or alternatively, via a device plugged
inline between a computer keyboard and
a computer. They log all keyboard activities to their internal memory. Answer: D is incorrect. Anti-Virus software is used
to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses. Such programs may
prevent and remove adware, spyware, and other forms of malware.
Anti-Virus software is a class of program that searches your hard drive, floppy drive, and pen drive for any known or
potential viruses. The market for this kind of program has expanded because of Internet growth and the increasing use
of the
Internet by businesses concerned about protecting their computer assets. Popular Anti-Virus packages are as follows:
Bit Defender Anti-Virus McAfee Virus Scan Kaspersky Anti-Virus F-Secure Anti-Virus Symantec Norton Anti-Virus
Titanium Anti-Virus Avira Anti-Virus Avast Anti-Virus Trend Micro Anti-Virus Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus ESET Nod32 Anti-
Virus Webroot Anti-Virus Quick Heal Anti-Virus eTrust EZ Anti-Virus ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus
Answer: B is incorrect. Alchemy Remote Executor is a system management tool that allows Network Administrators to
execute programs on remote network computers without leaving their workplace. From the hacker\\’s point of view, it
can be
useful for installing keyloggers, spyware, Trojans, Windows rootkits and such. One necessary condition for using the
Alchemy Remote Executor is that the user/attacker must have the administrative passwords of the remote computers
which the malware is to be installed.
Answer: C is incorrect. SocketShield provides a protection shield to a computer system against malware, viruses,
spyware, and various types of keyloggers. SocketShield provides protection at the following two levels:
1.Blocking: In this level, SocketShield uses a list of IP addresses that are known as purveyor of exploits. All http
requests for any page in these domains are simply blocked.
2.Shielding: In this level, SocketShield blocks all the current and past IP addresses that are the cause of unauthorized


You work as a Network Administrator for NetTech Inc. Your computer has the Windows 2000 Server operating system.
You want to harden the security of the server. Which of the following changes are required to accomplish this? Each
correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.
A. Enable the Guest account.
B. Rename the Administrator account.
C. Remove the Administrator account.
D. Disable the Guest account.
Correct Answer: BD
Answer: B and D For security, you will have to rename the Administrator account and disable the Guest account.
Renaming the Administrator account will ensure that hackers do not break into the network or computer by guessing the
password of the Administrator account. You can also create a fake Administrator account that has no privileges and
audit its use to detect attacks. Disabling the Guest account will prevent users who do not have a domain or local user
account from illegally accessing the network or computer. By default, the Guest account is disabled on systems running
Windows 2000 Server. If the Guest account is enabled, you will have to disable it.


The stronger password is a critical element in the security plan. Which of the following are the characteristics used to
make up a strong password?
A. It contains more than seven hundred characters and does not contain the user name, real name, or any name that
can be guessed by the attacker easily.
B. It contains more than seven characters and does not contain the user name, real name, or anyname that can be
guessed by the attacker easily.
C. It contains the user name, real name, or any name that can be remembered easily and does not contain more than
seven characters.
D. It contains more than seven characters and the user name, real name, or any name.
Correct Answer: B
A strong password contains more than seven characters and does not contain the user name, real name, or any name
that can be guessed by the attacker easily.

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