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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: ICND2
Exam Name: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2 v3.0)
Exam Code: 200-105
Total Questions: 204 Q&As
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2017
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When attempting the BlackBerry Desktop Manager synchronization process, the following error message is displayed: enable to write or update application data Which of the following best describes the cause of this error message? (Choose one.)
A. The user has attempted to synchronize with an unsupported application
B. An organizer data (PIM) item has reached its maximum amount of records
C. The BlackBerry device wireless radio has lost the service providers signal
D. The BlackBerry device battery does not have sufficient battery power to complete the synchronization operation
E. The BlackBerry device internal memory is full

Correct Answer: E

Which of the following occurs after the BlackBerry device user selects Send on the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. The email message is compressed and sent over the wireless network
B. The email message is encrypted and compressed using a private key
C. The email message is encrypted and sent over the wireless network
D. The email message is compressed and encrypted using a private key
E. The email message is sent over the wireless network using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server key

Correct Answer: D
A BlackBerry device user is reporting that the icon for their recently setup BlackBerry Internet Service email has disappeared. Which three of the following may be the cause? (Choose three.)
A. The user BlackBerry Internet Service email account has become invalid and must be reintegrated
B. The user has the SMS and Email Inbox option set to Separate instead of Combined in General Options
C. The user has changed themes, and the new theme has an icon for the BlackBerry Internet Service that is not recognized
D. The icon for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account has become hidden
E. Icons were removed during a failed synchronization attempt with BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Correct Answer: ACD
Which two of the following features are configured through the Email Settings application in BlackBerry Desktop Manager? (Choose two.)
A. Wireless message reconciliation
B. Folder redirection
C. Calendar reconciliation
D. Calendar redirection
E. Message redirection

Correct Answer: BE



Which two of the following methods will remove the IT Policy from a decommissioned BlackBerry device? (Choose two.)
A. Performing a hard reset on the BlackBerry device
B. Using Loader.EXE to use the /resettofactory switch
C. Removing the user from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
D. Use the application loader tool to reload the BlackBerry Device Software
E. Using the Remote Wipe Reset to Factory Defaults IT policy

Correct Answer: BE



Which three of the following Service Statistics are available in the Advanced Settings component in BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager? (Choose three.)
A. Messages deleted
B. Messages sent
C. Last message forwarded
D. Messages pending
E. Messages filtered

Correct Answer: BDE  200-105 pdf



Which two of the following scenarios would cause a BlackBerry device to be unable to receive, but still able to send email messages? (Choose two.)
A. The BlackBerry device user account does not have the Send As permission on their Active Directory User Object
B. Redirection has been disabled on the user BlackBerry Enterprise Server user account Redirection has been disabled on the user? BlackBerry Enterprise Server user account
C. The service provider has not provisioned the BlackBerry device for bi-directional data flow
D. The email messages contain attachments that are not supported by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
E. The email message database is corrupt and unable to display new email messages

Correct Answer: BE
What is the first thing that the BlackBerry device will display once it is able to send and receive email messages during the wireless enterprise activation? (Choose one.)
A. Activation complete
B. Verifying encryption
C. Synchronizing service Desktop
D. (Users email address) is now enabled
E. Activating

Correct Answer: D



When inquiring about a fairly recent version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, how can a support representative most effectively limit the results of a search in the BTSC? (Choose two.)
A. Search Top Results since any search yielding so many results must be a top issue
B. Try an Advanced Search and limit the published dates
C. Try an Advanced Search and reduce the number of results returned
D. Use more specific search terms, including full version numbers
E. Use more general terms and avoid specific versions
Correct Answer: BD
Within the properties of a given Desktop service book, which field denotes the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that the BlackBerry device has been activated on? (Choose one.)
D. Gateway IP
E. User ID

Correct Answer: B



Which service book is required for wireless calendar synchronization? (Choose one.)
A. Desktop[CMIME]
B. Desktop[CICAL]
C. Desktop[CALSYNC]
D. Desktop[IPPP]
E. Desktop[SYNC]

Correct Answer: B

At the mid-point of the synchronization process, a BlackBerry device user receives the following error message: enable to read application data. What are two possible causes for this error? (Choose two.)
A. Anti-virus software is blocking specific contact items from transferring to the computer
B. A contact with invalid characters was encountered
C. A contact with no First name, Last name or Company Name was encountered
D. The address book on the computer has reached its item limit
E. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager synchronization service has stopped working

Correct Answer: BC

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