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210-260 exam

Bring Your Own Device Fundamentals

1. Which of the following is not a business driver for a BYOD solution?
a. Need for employees to work anywhere and anytime
b. Increase in the type of devices needed and used by employees to connect to the
corporate network
c. The lack of IPv4 address space
d. Fluidity of today’s work schedules

2. Which component provides Wi-Fi access for employees in home offices, branch
offices, and on the corporate campus?
a. WLAN controllers (WLC)
b. Cisco AnyConnect Client
c. Wireless access points (AP)
d. Identity Services Engine (ISE)   300-207 dumps

3. The Identity Services Engine (ISE) provides which of the following?
a. Access, authentication, accounting
b. Authentication, authorization, accounting
c. Access, authorization, accounting
d. Authentication, authorization, access

4. Which of the following is not enabled through the use of the Cisco AnyConnect Client?
a. 802.1X
b. VPN
c. AAA
d. Posture checking

5. The purpose of the RSA SecurID server/application is to provide what?
a. Authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA) functions
b. One-time password (OTP) capabilities
c. 802.1X enforcement
d. VPN access

210-260 exam
6. The purpose of the certificate authority (CA) is to ensure what?
a. BYOD endpoints are posture checked
b. BYOD endpoints belong to the organization
c. BYOD endpoints have no malware installed
d. BYOD users exist in the corporate LDAP directory

7. What is the primary purpose of the Integrated Services Routers (ISR) in the BYOD
a. Provide connectivity in the home office environment back to the corporate campus
b. Provide WAN and Internet access for users on the corporate campus
c. Enforce firewall-type filtering in the data center
d. Provide connectivity for the mobile phone environment back to the corporate

8. Which is not a function of mobile device management (MDM)?
a. Enforce strong passwords on BYOD devices
b. Deploy software updates to BYOD devices
c. Remotely wipe data from BYOD devices
d. Enforce data encryption requirements on BYOD devices

9. Which is not an advantage of an On-Premise MDM solution?
a. Higher level of control over the BYOD solution
b. Ease of deployment and operation of the BYOD solution
c. Ability to meet regulatory requirements
d. Security of the overall BYOD solution

10. Which is not an advantage of a cloud-based MDM solution?
a. Scalability of the MDM solution
b. Security of the overall MDM solution
c. Flexibility in deploying the MDM solution
d. Speed of deployment of MDM solution

210-260 exam

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