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A customer with an IPv4 only network topology wants to enable IPv6 connectivity while preserving the IPv4 topology
services. The customer plans to migrate IPv4 services to the IPv6 topology, then decommission the IPv4 topology.
Which topology supports these requirements?
A. dual stack
C. 6to4
D. NAT64
Correct Answer: A

A branch office has a primary L3VPN MPLS connection back to the main office and an IPSEC VPN tunnel that serves
as backup. Which design ensures that data is sent over the backup connection only if the primary MPLS circuit is
A. Use EIGRP to establish a neighbor relationship with the main office via L3VPN MPLS and the IPSEC VPN tunnel.
B. Use BGP with the multipath feature enabled to force traffic via the primary path when available.
C. Use static routes tied to an IP SLA to prefer the primary path while a floating static route points to the backup
D. Use OSPF with a passive-interface command on the backup connection.
Correct Answer: C

Drag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the correct telemetry mode on the right.
Select and Place:

Testkingone 300-420 exam questions-q3

In a dial-in mode, the destination initiates a session to the router and subscribes to data to be streamed. Dial-in mode is
supported over gRPC in only 64-bit platforms
In a dial-out mode, the router initiates a session to the destinations based on the subscription. All 64-bit IOS XR
platforms (except for NCS 6000 series routers) support gRPC and TCP protocols. All 32-bit IOS XR platforms support
only TCP.

Which solution allows overlay VNs to communicate with each other in an SD-WAN Architecture?
A. External fusion routers can be used to map VNs to VRFs and selectively route traffic between VRFs.
B. GRE tunneling can be configured between fabric edges to connect one VN to another.
C. SGTs can be used to permit traffic from one VN to another.
D. Route leaking can be used on the fabric border nodes to inject routes from one VN to another.
Correct Answer: B


Testkingone 300-420 exam questions-q5

Refer to the exhibit. Which solution decreases the EIGRP convergence time?
A. Enable subsecond timers
B. Increase the hold time value
C. Increase the dead timer value
D. Enable stub routing on the spokes
Correct Answer: D

A network solution is being designed for a company that connects to multiple Internet service providers. Which Cisco
proprietary BGP path attribute will influence outbound traffic flow?
A. Local Preference
C. Weight
D. AS Path
E. Community
Correct Answer: C

Which two BGP features will result in successful route exchanges between eBGP neighbors sharing the same AS
number? (Choose two.)
A. advertise-best-external
B. bestpath as-path ignore
C. client-to-client reflection
D. as-override
E. allow-as-in
Correct Answer: DE

What is the advantage of designing an out-of-band network management solution?
A. In the event of a production network outage, network devices can still be managed.
B. There is no separation between the production network and the management network.
C. In the event of a production network outage, it can be used as a backup network path.
D. It is less expensive than an in-band management solution
Correct Answer: A


Testkingone 300-420 exam questions-q9

Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP has been configured on all links. The spoke nodes have been configured as EIGRP stubs,
and the WAN links to R3 have higher bandwidth and lower delay than the links to R4. When a link failure occurs at the
R1R2 link, what happens to traffic on R1 that is destined for a subnet attached to R2?
A. R1 has no route to R2 and drops the traffic
B. R1 load-balances across the paths through R3 and R4 to reach R2
C. R1 forwards the traffic to R3, but R3 drops the traffic
D. R1 forwards the traffic to R3 in order to reach R2
Correct Answer: D

An engineer is designing a QoS policy that queues excess packets for later transmission. Which mechanism must be
included in the design?
A. shaping
C. policing
Correct Answer: A

When vEdge router redundancy is designed, which FHRP is supported?
Correct Answer: D

A company is running BGP on a single router, which has two connections to the same ISP. Which BGP feature ensures
traffic is load balanced across the two links to the ISP?
A. Multihop
B. Multipath Load Sharing
C. Next-Hop Address Tracking
D. AS-Path Prepending
Correct Answer: B

What is a benefit of using VRRPv3 as compared to VRRPv2?
A. VRRPv3 supports IPv4 and IPv6
B. VRRPv3 supports authentication
C. VRRPv3 supports preemption
D. VRRPv3 supports stateful switchover
Correct Answer: A

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