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CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam

CompTIA Network+ helps develop a career in IT infrastructure covering troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks.

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 has been updated and reorganized to address the current networking technologies.

The specific CompTIA Network+ certification is of great value in the work industry. Obtaining this type of certificate in your resume can definitely enhance your career.

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Practicing: CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Question

Which of the following protocols are classified as connectionless? (Select TWO)
Correct Answer: AD

Kim, a network administrator, should consult which documentation sources FIRST to determine the cause of recent
network issues?
A. Network map
B. Cable management
C. Change management
D. Asset management
Correct Answer: C

Joe, an employee at a large regional bank, wants to receive company email on his personal smartphone and table: To
authenticate on the mail server, he must first a custom security application on those mobile services. Which of the
following policies would BEST enforce this requirement?
A. Incident response policy
B. BYOD policy
C. DLP policy
D. Remote access policy
Correct Answer: B

A network administrator wants to ensure sensitive data is not exfiltrated from the system electronically. Which of the
following should be implemented?
Correct Answer: A

A technician is planning a remote-access strategy to manage routers and switches on a dedicated management
network. The management network is segregated from the production network and uses site-to-site VPN connections.
Some of the equipment does not support encryption. Which of the following should the technician choose that all the
equipment would support?
A. Telnet
D. IPSec
Correct Answer: A

Joe, a technician, is attempting to resolve an issue with an off-site router remotely. Joe needs to reset the WAN
connection settings and wants to ensure he will have access to the router at all times to monitor the changes.
Which of the following solutions would BEST meet this goal?
A. Use a secure SSH connection over the WAN link.
B. Telnet into the router over the company VPN.
C. Implement a modem on the AUX port.
D. Configure a DSL router to the console port.
Correct Answer: C

A technician has installed an older IP camera as a temporary replacement for a recently failed newer one. The
technician notices that when the camera\\’s video stream is off, the ping roundtrip time between the camera and the
network DVR is consistently less than 1ms without dropped packets. When the camera video stream is turned on, the
ping roundtrip time increases dramatically, and network communication is slow and inconsistent. Which of the following
is MOST likely the issue in this scenario?
A. VLAN mismatch
B. Duplex mismatch
C. Cat 6 RX/TX reversed
D. Damaged cable
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following WAP security features offers the STRONGEST encryption?
D. Hidden SSID
Correct Answer: B

A technician is setting up a public guest network for visitors to access the Internet that must be separate from the
corporate network. Which of the following are the BEST steps for the technician to take with minimum overhead
configuration? (Choose two.)
A. Enable SSID broadcasting to identify the guest network
B. Configure visitor devices to use static IP addresses
C. Enable two-factor authentication on visitor devices
D. Configure the access point to use WPA2-AES encryption
E. Ensure the access point is not running in mixed mode
Correct Answer: AB

Zach, a technician, needs to terminate a CAT5e Ethernet cable to a 110 block. Which of the following tools should he
A. Toner probe
B. Punch down
C. Wire tester
D. Crimper
Correct Answer: B

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CompTIA XK0-004 exam questions and answers 1-13

A Linux administrator needs the “tech” account to have the option to run elevated commands as root. Which of the
following commands would BEST meet this goal?
A. $ su -tech -c “/bin/bash”
B. # usermod -aG wheel tech
C. # sudo -I tech
D. # groupadd -u tech -g root
Correct Answer: C

A systems administrator wants to deploy several applications to the same server quickly. Each application should be
abstracted from the host with its own dependencies and libraries and utilize a minimal footprint. Which of the following
would be BEST in this scenario?
A. Virtual machines
B. Type 2 hypervisor
C. Chroot jails
D. Containers
Correct Answer: D

A user, jsmith, needs access to database files located on a server. Which of the following will add jsmith to the “dba”
group and preserve existing group memberships?
A. usermod -a -G dba jsmith
B. usermod -g dba jsmith
C. useradd -g dba jsmith
D. groupmod dba -u jsmith
Correct Answer: AC
According to the reference given below. Both AC is correct. Reference:

Joe, a user, is unable to log in to the server and contracts the systems administrator to look into the issue. The
administrator examines the /etc/passwd file and discovers the following entry:
Which of the following commands should the administrator execute to resolve the problem?
A. usermod -s /bin/bash joe
B. passwd -u joe
C. useradd -s /bin/bash joe
D. chage -E -1 joe
Correct Answer: B
Reference: (303)

A Linux administrator is using a public cloud provider to host servers for a company\\’s website. Using the provider\\’s
tools, the administrator wrote a JSON file to define how to deploy the servers. Which of the following techniques did the
administrator use?
A. Infrastructure as code
B. Build automation
C. Platform as a service
D. Automated configuration
Correct Answer: B

A Linux administrator opens a ticket to have an external hard drive mounted. As a security policy, external storage
kernel modules are disabled.
Which of the following is the BEST command for adding the proper kernel module to enable external storage modules?
A. rmmod /lib/modules/3.6.12-100-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/storage/usb-storage.ko
B. modinfo /lib/modules/3.6.12-100-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/storage/usb-storage.ko
C. depmod /lib/modules/3.6.12-100-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/storage/usb-storage.ko
D. insmod /lib/modules/3.6.12-100-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/storage/usb-storage.ko
Correct Answer: D

A Linux systems administrator is setting up SSH access with PKI for several using their newly created RSA keys. Which
of the following MOST securely achieves this task?
A. Use curl to copy each user\\’s public key file to the respective system
B. Use cp to copy each user\\’s public key file to the respective system
C. Use ssh-copy-id to copy each user\\’s public key file to the respective system
D. Use ssh-copy-id to copy each user\\’s private key file to the respective system
Correct Answer: C

A Linux server needs to be accessed, but the root password is not available.
Which of the following would BEST allow an administrator to regain access and set a new known password at the same
A. Boot into a single-user mode and reset the password via the passwd command.
B. Boot into a single-user mode and reset the password by editing the /etc/passwd file.
C. Boot into a single-user mode and reset the password by editing the /etc/shadow file.
D. Boot into a single-user mode and reset the password via the chage command.
Correct Answer: A

Given the output below:

Testkingone XK0-004 exam questions-q9

Which of the following commands can be used to remove MyPhoto.jpg from the current directory?
A. unlink ./MyPhoto.jpg
B. del Pictures/photo.jpg
C. rm -rf ./Pictures
D. rm -f MyPhoto.jpg
E. ln -rm ./Pictures/photo.jpg
Correct Answer: E

A technician wants to secure a sensitive workstation by ensuring network traffic is kept within the local subnet. To
accomplish this task, the technician executes the following command:
echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_default_ttl
Which of the following commands can the technician use to confirm the expected results? (Choose two.)
A. tcpdump
B. traceroute
C. route
D. iperf
E. ip
F. arp
Correct Answer: CF

Ann, a junior systems administrator, is required to add a line to the /etc/yum.conf file. However, she receives the
following error message when she tries to add the line:

Testkingone XK0-004 exam questions-q11

Which of the following commands should Ann execute to write content to /etc/yum?
A. chmod 755 /etc/yum.conf
B. setfacl -m m:rw /etc/yum.conf
C. chattr -I /etc/yum.conf
D. setenforce 0
Correct Answer: A

A Linux server has multiple IPs. A Linux administrator needs to verify if the HTTP server port is bound to the correct IP.
Which of the following commands would BEST accomplish this task?
A. route
B. host
C. nslookup
D. netstat
E. ip
Correct Answer: D

A system administrator has deployed a Linux server based on an Anaconda process with all packages and custom
configurations necessary to install a web server role. Which of the following could be used to install more Linux servers
with the same characteristics?
A. /etc/sysconfig/anaconda/cfg
B. /root/
C. /root/anaconda-ks.cfg
D. /etc/sysconfig/installation.cfg
Correct Answer: C

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