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C1000-093: IBM Cloud Pak for Integration v2020.1 Solution Architect How much do I know about the basics of the exam?

Number of questions: 60
Number of questions to pass: 42
Allowed time: 90 minutes
Exam Resources:
Solution Architect: IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
Certificate: IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Pak for Integration v2020.1

Important Notes: The C1000-093 exam will be canceled after 56 days and will be replaced by exam C1000-147, if necessary, I will also share information about the C1000-147 exam, and follow-up…

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IBM C1000-093 Exam Questions Free


What is the correct order of dependencies in the DataPower Gateway services point of view as they are nested into each other?


What is CRI-O?

A. A Windows .NET compatibility library available in the OpenShift Developer Catalog
B. A Kubernetes native container runtime implementation that integrates closely with CoreOS
C. The graphical user interface for Operators to administer applications/workloads running on OpenShift D. An optional version of Docker optimized for OpenShift when running on cloud provider platforms

Correct Answer: B


What is a significant challenge that is unique to hybrid messaging?

A. Iterate quickly on the cloud and interact easily with enterprise systems of records
B. Build a scalable and high-throughput enterprise messaging backbone to support applications on the cloud
C. Synchronous connection and distribution of events between cloud and on-premises systems
D. Monitoring of privileged access to sensitive data and integrity of sensitive data in transit and at rest can be done only within the enterprise

Correct Answer: D


What is the IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit?

A. A high availability management tool
B. A command-line interface for App Connect integration
C. A web user interface for accessing integration server resources
D. A graphical user interface for message flow development

Correct Answer: A


Application-owned asynchronous capabilities, like messaging and events, must exhibit which features align with the agile integration paradigm.

A. Simple deployment topology for high availability configuration
B. Ability to convert messages to events and vice versa
C. Self-provisioning and self-administration capability to allow development agility
D. Common collection of logs across several instances for rapid administration

Correct Answer: A


What is one way to perform an automated build of an App Connect Enterprise (ACE) application within a CI/CD pipeline?

A. Build a bar file from a Project Interchange within the ACE toolkit and push it to GitHub.
B. Run a Docker build to create a bar file within a Jenkins pipeline, and store it in Artifactory.
C. Use Source2lmage within a Tekton pipeline to create a bar file from a Project Interchange.
D. Use Jenkins to spin up an ACE container, build a bar file, and destroy the container.

Correct Answer: A


A new proxy API needs to be created, security added, and published to the Sandbox catalog. Which is the correct sequence of steps that should be taken to perform these tasks?

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


In the image below, select the user role that can include an API endpoint to existing API products and plans, and specifies access control, and publishes the API to the developer portal for external discovery.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:


Which statement is true about IBM Event Streams?

A. A hierarchical Pub/Sub topic architecture is available
B. All servers must be located in the same data center
C. Persistent storage is enabled by default
D. By default the consumers offset is automatically committed in the background

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following maximizes durability by replicating message data into three availability zones, making Event Streams resilient to infrastructure failures?

A. Geo-data sync
B. Triplewrite logging
C. PersistentVolumes
D. Multi-zone architecture

Correct Answer: D


Which statement regarding the IBM Entitled Registry key is true?

A. It is used by the Asset Repository to synchronize with a remote Git repository
B. It is configured in the Platform Navigator
C. It is required to enable Cloud Pak for Integration capabilities
D. It is used by the network-based installer

Correct Answer: C


How can DataPower Gateway workloads be restored in the DR site?

A. DataPower Gateway container images need to be available in a container registry that the DR site has access to
B. Cloud Pak for Integration can automatically synchronize the running pods with the DR site
C. In Cloud Pak for Integration Platform Navigator, select the running DataPower Gateway instance and then click \\’ Export for DR site\\’
D. Containers do not hold state, which would require workloads to be reconfigured from scratch

Correct Answer: D


What is the key benefit of moving away from a centralized ESB pattern to Agile Integration?

A. Faster rollout of integrations, enhanced scalability, and resilience
B. Rapid creation of integrations using a no-code approach
C. API-led integration enabling agility and innovation
D. Multi-cloud deployment of integration artifacts

Correct Answer: B

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