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Updated: Aug 11, 2017
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In a marital dissolution the parties may be concerned with the change in value that occurred during the
marriage. In estate cases, the trustee, the executer, or personal representative will consider adopting the
“alternative valuation date”(i.e. six months after the date of death) to determine which is more
advantageous. These are the examples of:
A. Situations identifying valuation date
B. Situations having more than one valuation dates
C. Litigated cases
D. Universally applicable methods to finalize valuation date
70-695 exam Correct Answer: B
In ________cases, the valuation date itself is an issue to be resolved by the court. In such situations, the
appraiser must be prepared to address the valuation as of several dates, sometimes without knowing
which date the court determined to be relevant until after the judgment is rendered. Since the choice of
valuation date in such cases is a legal matter.
A. Litigated cases
B. Estate tax cases
C. Enterprise value identification cases
D. Cooperatives
Correct Answer: A
Valuation reports should contain a set of limiting conditions, and one of the typical limiting conditions is as
A. Legal and estate tax factors
B. The valuation is valid only for the valuation date or dates specified herein. No other purpose is intended
or should be inferred
C. Litigation over business valuation is commonplace
D. The purpose of the valuation encompasses the use to which the valuation exercise is expected to be
70-695 dumps Correct Answer: B
“The amount at which property would change hands between a willing seller and a willing buyer, when
neither is acting under compulsion and when both have reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts”. This
definition is related to:
A. Investment value
B. Fair market value
C. Litigation value
D. Standard of value
Correct Answer: B
“Market value is the most probable price which a property should bring in a completive and open market
under all conditions requisite to fair sale the buyer and seller each acting prudently and knowledgeably,
and assuming the price is not affected by undue stimulus.” Implicit in this definition is the consummation of
a sale as of a specified date and the passing of title from seller to buyer under conditions/s whereby:
A. Buyer and seller are typically motivated
B. Both parties are well informed or well advised and acting in what they consider their best interests

C. A reasonable time is allowed for exposure in the open market
D. Differences in financing costs and tax status
70-695 pdf Correct Answer: ABC
Virtually, all real estate businesses or interests in businesses may be appraised under some alternatives
premises of value. Which of the following is not out of those premises?
A. Value as a going concern
B. Value as an assemblage of assets
C. Value as an orderly disposition
D. Value as a sudden liquidation
Correct Answer: D
Statutory law Case law Administrative rulings Company documents Contracts between parties precedent
established by prior transactions Legal documents. These are some of the most important sources of
guidance as to:
A. The applicable standard and premises of value for the given situation.
B. The appraiser’s experience and judgment.
C. The selection of appropriate premise
D. The value of the same business enterprise
70-695 vce Correct Answer: A
The real estate business valuation opinion repot will typically include the following sections EXCEPT:
A. A valuation opinion letter summarizing the valuation procedures and conclusions
B. Several sections summarizing the relevant valuation theory, methodology, procedures, analyses, and
C. A listing of the data and documents relied upon by the appraiser
D. legal case documents
Correct Answer: D
One of the most important tools for conducting a business valuation thoroughly and on a timely basis is a
proper schedule. Most first-time, or in frequent, business valuation clients (and their attorneys) tend to
underestimate the amount of lead time necessary for the appraiser to prepare a through and professional
opinion. Scheduling problems often arise because:
A. The client delays in committing to the project hoping that the valuation problem will go away.
B. A major change in some aspect of assignment midway through the project
C. The client is not having awareness regarding valuation standards and selection criteria
D. Of some external pressures on the client
70-695 exam Correct Answer: AB
____________ is perhaps the most difficult task for a home business appraiser.
A. Getting two or more parties with different economic and business expectations to agree on projected
future benefits and the risks associated with achieving those projections.
B. Identification of partial interest.

C. Selection of enterprise value premise.
D. Estimation of invested capital
Correct Answer: A
When preparing a ho me business valuation for reorganization proceedings under bankruptcy statues, the
parties will frequently rely on___________.
A. Reengineering of valuation procedures
B. Capitalization of anticipated cash flow
C. Ownership of assets
D. Enterprise value
70-695 dumps Correct Answer: B
Which of the following are categories in which projections are usually necessary?
A. Antitrust, lost business opportunity, breach of contract
B. Infringement of patents, copyrights or trademarks
C. Goodwill
D. Diversified businesses
Correct Answer: AB
“When earnings have once been “realized”, so that they can be expressed with some approach to
accuracy in the company’s accounts, they are already water under the mill and have no direct bearing on
what the property in question is now worth. Value, under any plausible theory of capitalized earning power
is necessarily forward looking. It is an expression of the advantage that an owner of the property may
expect to secure from the ownership in the future. The past earnings are therefore beside the point, save
as a possible index of future earnings”. This statement correctly expresses:
A. Realized earnings
B. Enterprise value
C. Realized earning verses prospective earnings
D. Prophesied gross and net earnings
70-695 pdf Correct Answer: C
One way or the other, the financial benefits of ownership of an interest in a real estate business enterprise
must come from the following sources EXCEPT:
A. Dividends, distributions, or other type of cash flow a) From operations, or b) From investments
B. Liquidation or hypothecation of assets
C. Loan/Debt
D. Sale of interest
Correct Answer: C
In many instances, value considerations are tempered by internal variables, often variables relative to
specific shareholding as opposed to the company as a whole. Which of the following is NOT out of such

A. Size of the subject interest (reflecting not only magnitude but control issues)
B. The right to vote and to impact the direction of the business
C. Restrictive provisions affecting ownership rights
D. Legal proceedings related to ownership or management prerequisites.
70-695 vce Correct Answer: D
1. Dividends or partnership withdrawals (i.e. current economic income). 2. Proceeds from the ultimate sale
of the ownership interest or liquidation of the subject business (i.e., including any long-term appreciation in
the value of the security interest itself). These two are the categories of:
A. The economic benefits that the non-controlling ownership interest holder may realize.
B. The financial benefits that the non-controlling ownership interest holder may realize.
C. The economic benefits that the controlling ownership interest holder may realize.
D. The financial benefits that the controlling stakeholder may realize.
Correct Answer: A
Accepted business valuation approaches and methods are all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Income approach
B. Asset-based approach
C. Guideling acquisition company approach
D. Market-based approach
70-695 exam Correct Answer: C
There is a tendency for the market for the businesses to change more rapidly than the market for real
estate. After all, a business can be thought of as a collection of _____________ each with its own price
volatility and risks of ownership.
A. Realized and unrealized earnings
B. Short and long-term liabilities
C. Tangible and intangible assets
D. Unearned Revenues and fixed assets
Correct Answer: C
The use of asset-based approach should not be confused with the selection of the appropriate premise of
value for the subject r e a l e s t a t e business valuation. Some analysts mistakenly confuse the use of
asset-based approach with a liquidation premise of value (or with a liquidation valuation). Rather, the
asset-based approach can be used with all premises of value including:
A. Value in use as a going-concern
B. Value as orderly disposition
C. Value as in exchange as part of a forced orderly liquidation
D. A, B and C
70-695 dumps Correct Answer: D
The capital stock of a corporation, its net assets and its share of stock are entirely different things… the
value of one bears no fixed or necessary relation to the value of the other; because:

A. A share of common stock does not represent a share in the ownership of the assets of a business.
B. Share holders are only concerned with dividends
C. Only the corporation itself holds to all its assets and liabilities … A thirsty shareholder of brewery cannot
walk into “his” company and demand that a case of beer be charged to his equity account
D. Putting capital in stocks is somewhat a risky investment
Correct Answer: AC
When is the guideline merged and acquired company method most useful in home business valuation?
A. The initial value derived from the guideline merged and acquired company method, before adjustment
for factors such as size of subject block and degree of marketability, is an indication of transaction
prices of major ownership interest, usually controlling ownership interests.
B. When same acquisition target has different buyers both due to perception and reality
C. At the time of achieving synergies
D. In estimation of enterprise value
70-695 pdf Correct Answer: A

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