9L0-010 Storage Other Autonomic Chapter 8 -and Manageabil Enhanceme

IBM DB2 Versio 9 New Features
byPaul Zikopoulo George Baklarz, Leon KatsnelsonandCh Eaton
McGraw-Hill 2007 (422 pages) ISBN:9780072264593
Written by IBM expert authors, this book provides you with 9L0-010 comprehensive technical details an real-world business uses for all of the exciting new featur in the current relea of DB2 9.

Table of Contents
IBM DB2 9 New Feature Letters from Executives Introduction

PartI -XML intheDB Hybrid Storage Engine
Chapter 1 -What is XM When Do I Chapter 2 –
Use pureXM PureXML-Th
Chapter 3 -DB2 9 XML Database Tuning XML

Chapter 4 -Performanc

Part II -Autonomics and Manageability
Up and Chapter 5 -Running
Enhanceme The Self Tuning
Chapter 6 -Memory Manager

Chapter 7 –

Storage Other Autonomic Chapter 8 -and Manageabil Enhanceme

Part III -Application Development
Rational Da

Chapter 9 –
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Chapter 13
DB2 and th

-.NET Developer DB2 and th

Developer DB2 and th Scripting –

Languages Developer DB2 and th -XML Developer The DB2
Chapter 14 -Developer Workbench

Other Application Chapter 15 -Developme Topics

Part IV -Security Enhancements
Label-BasedChapter 16 –

Access Additional Chapter 17 -Security Enhanceme

Part V -Sharp


Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22 Table
-Partitioning Larger Table

-Space Supp


-Compressio High-
-Availability Enhanceme Additional

-SHARP Enhanceme

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Get up to speed quickly on the new features in IBM DB2 9
In this book, the IBM expert authors provide you with comprehensive technical details and real-world business uses for all of the exciting new features in the current release of DB2 9. You¡¯ll learn about the capabilities found in pureXML as well as administrative enhancements in areas such as self management, high availability, and security. Also covered are features for the developer from a Ruby on Rails toolkit to the Developer Workbench and enhanced .NET developer support.

About the Authors
Paul C. Zikopoulos, BA, MBA, is an award-winning writer and speaker with the IBM Database Competitive Technologies team. He has more than ten years of experience with DB2 products and has written over a hundred magazine articles and a number of books about this technology. Paul has co-authored the books,
Apache Derby: Off to the Races (IBM Press, 2005), DB2 Version 8: The Official Guide (IBM Press, 2004), DB2: The Complete Reference
(McGraw-Hill, 2001),
DB2 Fundamentals Certification for Dummies (Hungry Minds, 2001), DB2 for Dummies (Hungry Minds, 2000), and A DBA¡¯s Guide to Databases Under Linux
(Syngress, 2000). Paul is a DB2 Certified Advanced Technical Expert (DRDA and Cluster/EEE) and a DB2 Certified Solutions Expert (Business Intelligence and Database Administration).

Chris Eaton, BSc, is Senior Product Manager for DB2 Universal Database, primarily focusing on planning and strategy for DB2 UDB. Chris has been working with DB2 on the Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms for over 14 years. In roles ranging from customer support to development manager to externals architect and now product manager for DB2 UDB, Chris has spent his career listening to customers and making DB2 a better product. Chris is also the author of the
High Availability Guide for DB2 (IBM Press, 2004).

George Baklarz, BA, MS, is a senior manager in the DB2 Worldwide Pre-sales Support Group. He works closely with customers to help them understand new Information Management technology and gain their feedback for improving DB2 products. He has more than 20 years of experience with DB2 and has co-authored a number of books, including Apache Derby: Off to the Races (IBM Press, 2005), DB2
Universal Database V8 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database Administration Certification Guide

(Prentice-Hall, 2003), and DB2 Version 8: The Official Guide (IBM Press, 2004). In addition, he is a member of the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) Speaker and Volunteer Hall of Fame. In his spare time, he lectures at the University of Guelph (Database Theory) and presents at a variety of user conferences, including IDUG.

Leon Katsnelson, BSc, works in the IBM Toronto Lab, where he 9l0-010 pdf manages a team of product managers responsible for the IBM DB2 products. Leon is a recognized expert in the areas of DB2 application development and DB2 Connect. Leon has 20 years of experience with complex database and network systems. Leon has worked on DB2 Connect from the very beginning as the product planner, development manager, and product manager. He is often referred to as ¡°the father of DB2 Connect.¡±