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300-610 Free Dumps 300-610 DCID Practice Exam Questions

Q1 – New

An engineer deploys LISP VM mobility. Which feature is configured on the interfaces that have VM mobility enabled?

A. IP redirects
B. flow control
C. proxy ARP

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/nx-os/lisp/configuration/guide/ b_NXOS_LISP_Configuration_Guide/b_NX-OS_LISP_Configuration_Guide_chapter_010.html

Q2 – New

An end user is experiencing network latency when accessing a database in a disaster recovery site. The monitoring team concluded that the database was writing simultaneously to the storage arrays on the primary and disaster recovery sites. Which design resolves this issue?

A. asynchronous replication between data centers
B. synchronous replication between data centers
C. FCoE tunnel between data center
D. FCIP tunneling between data center

Correct Answer: A

Q3 – New

A company has several data centers around the world that must be interconnected over Layer2. The service provider supports MPLS services to all locations. The proposed solution must be vendor agnostic and scalable enough to support the rapid growth of the company. Which data center technology is recommended to achieve this goal?

C. FabricPath

Correct Answer: B

Q4 – New

An engineer wants to eliminate the manual process of checking the system hardware and firmware against a specified hardware compatibility tool. The tool must be able to manage an extensive list of devices including cisco HyperFlex, MDS, and Nexus switches. The tool must manage hardware in multiple data centers so it should be deployed on public cloud infrastructure. Which tool meets these requirements?

A. Cisco intersight
B. Cisco UCS director
C. Cisco data center network manager
D. Cisco tetration

Correct Answer: A

Q5 – New

An engineer must choose the World Wide Port Name for the Cisco UCS Fibre Channel virtual host bus adapter. Which identifier must be used?

A. naa.600a09840691712159764d
B. fe80::314e:4566:8702:bf3d
C. iqn.2021-08.com.acme:3xxx
D. 20:00:00:25:B5:97:c3:ac

Correct Answer: D

Q6 – New

Refer to the exhibit.

Server 1 fails to connect to the storage array over the Storage Area Network (SAN) of the Cisco NDS 9000 Series Switch. The requirements are to redesign the storage network and keep these considerations in mind:

The traffic from each server must be redundant and isolated.
The design must tolerate hardware and software failures and upgrades of SAN fabric devices.

Which action must be taken to meet these requirements?

A. Enable NPV and F-Port-channel on ports that face Server 1 on the Fibre Channel switch to create redundant paths.
B. Create a SAN port channel that faces the storage device to sustain a link failure.
C. Add an additional supervisor to the Fibre Channel switch to support non-disruptive upgrades.
D. Place an additional Fibre Channel switch to create two physically independent storage fabrics.

Correct Answer: A

Q7 – New

A cloud service provider provisioned four active/active data centers in various locations within the country at 50 miles between each data center. The data centers must provide redundant network infrastructure and always be available to customers. Which two data center design steps must be used to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Provide application hosting services to customers from the closest data center.
B. Implement active clusters in data centers 1 and 2 and backup in 3 and 4.
C. Use asynchronous replication between data centers 1 and 2.
D. Deploy database services in data center 1 and application layer to other data centers.
E. Configure application data replication to all backup data centers.

Correct Answer: AE

Q8 – New

Which two methods mitigate congestion in a SAN network? (Choose two.)

A. Configure ER_RDY to allow the splitting of each ISL between switches into separate virtual links.
B. Use the port-monitor command to detect slow-drain devices.
C. Configure the port channel to enable individual buffer-to-buffer credits.
D. Configure the port monitor to allow categorization of a specific device as slow.
E. Configure the flow control for the FC to use R_RDY.

Correct Answer: BD


Q9 – New

Which two naming formats identify target or initiator iSCSI nodes? (Choose two.)


Correct Answer: BC


Q10 – New

Which authentication software natively runs within the CLI of Cisco NX-OS devices?

A. Python
B. Ansible
C. Puppet
D. Chef

Correct Answer: B

Q11 – New

An engineer is designing a Multichassis EtherChannel topology in which two switches must appear as a single device to a third downstream switch. Which two technologies meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

C. vPC
D. 802.1q

Correct Answer: BC

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/switches/nexus-7000-seriesswitches/C07-572835-00_NX-OS_vPC_DG.pdf

Q12 – New

A database administrator experiences delay when performing storage replication between primary and secondary data centers. The data centers are located 20 kilometers apart and are connected using a 500 Mbps link. The deployment was implemented using an FCIP tunnel and a pair of Cisco MDS 9250 Series Switches.

The network engineer decided to enable QoS to prioritize replication traffic. Which QoS model must be used to resolve the performance issues?

A. Resource Reservation Protocol
B. weighted round-robin
C. differentiated services
D. strict priority queuing

Correct Answer: D

Q13 – New

Which address pool is used when a vHBA template is created?


Correct Answer: B

b_UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_2_1/b_UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_2_1_chapt er_011010.html


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