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Scalability is provided in the server farm module by which of the following design strategies?
A. up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth at the access level
B. redundant servers at the access level
C. modular block design at the access level
D. high port densities at the access level

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 101
When a router running EIGRP takes alternate paths into consideration, which ones will it consider loop-free?
A. ones in which the feasible distance is the same as the best possible route
B. ones in which the reported distance is less than the feasible distance
C. ones in which the reported distance is the same as the metric of the best possible path
D. ones in which the reported distance is equal to the feasible distance

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 102
All network devices provided in the following exhibit are running IPv6.
When host P4S-A is attached to this link, how will it discover the presence of routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC?
A. Routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC send out periodic gratuitous ARPv6 messages to alert newly attached
hosts to their presence.
B. Routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC will respond to an ICMP get route request sent by host P4S-A.
C. Host P4S-A will discover routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC through the neighbor discovery process.
D. Routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC will detect the addition of the new host the first time it transmits any packets, and will send an ICMP router discovery reply to host P4S-A.

Correct Answer: C
Which two items could be used to determine how much jitter is occurring across a customer’s existing network? (Choose two.)
A. synthetic transactions in conjunction with Service Assurance Agent (IP SLA)
B. SNMP GET requests and put commands between CallManager and VoIP phones
C. external test equipment
D. RMON probes

Correct Answer: AC
You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. Which is not
major scaling, sizing, and performance consideration for an IPsec design?

A. connection speed
B. number of remote sites
C. features to be supported
D. types of devices at the remote site

Correct Answer: D
In secure IP multicast, which protocol handles group key management?
B. MD5
C. IPsec
D. SHA-256
Correct Answer: A
Which two disadvantages are of using proxy servers as compared to stateful firewalls? (Choose two.)
A. Proxy servers must be explicitly set to support new applications and protocols.
B. Proxy servers typically perform more slowly.
C. Proxy servers expose the source addresses of traffic flows.
D. Proxy servers use network address translation as their primary security mechanism.

Correct Answer: AB
The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are a suite of IETF specifications for securing
certain kinds of information provided by the Domain Name System (DNS) as used on Internet Protocol (IP)
networks. Which two security services are provided by
DNSSEC? (Choose two.)

A. data validity
B. data integrity
C. data origin authentication
D. data confidentiality

Correct Answer: BC
Which three components comprise the AVVID framework? (Choose three.)
A. common network infrastructure
B. abstracted integration
C. network solutions
D. intelligent network services

Correct Answer: ACD
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To securely transport EIGRP traffic, a network administrator will build VPNs between sites. What is the best method to accomplish the transport of EIGRP traffic?
A. IPSec in tunnel mode
B. IPSec in transport mode
C. GRE with IPSec in transport mode
D. GRE with IPSec in tunnel mode

Correct Answer: C
Which action can identify and monitor denial of service attacks?
A. select attack counter-measures
B. establish normal network characteristics
C. deploy deep packet inspection appliances
D. deploy access control lists that match well-known attack vectors

Correct Answer: B
In order to improve scaling and convergence speed, what capability of EIGRP can be configured while running EIGRP on point-to-multipoint multi-access networks?
A. route filters on the remotes
B. spoke routers as EIGRP stubs
C. floating static routes on the remotes
D. fast hellos between the hub and spoke routers

Correct Answer: B
Study the following exhibit carefully. A customer is deploying three unicast applications (voice, video, and data) between these two PCs. OSPF is performing as a single area, Area 0, from P4S-R1 to P4S-R2. Three MPLS TE tunnels have been set up between P4S-R1 and P4S-R2. Each tunnel carries only one application’s traffic. What is needed on P4S-R1 and P4S-R2 to separate the three types of traffic into the appropriate tunnels?

B. multiple VRFs
C. policy-based routing
D. TE autoroute announce

Correct Answer: C
SCSI interfaces provide for faster data transmission rates (up to 80 megabytes per second) than standard serial and parallel ports. In addition, you can attach many devices to a single SCSI port, so that SCSI is really an I/O bus rather than simply an interface Which two statements about SCSI are true?
A. The bus is limited to 64 devices.
B. It is a full-duplex serial standard.
C. It is a half-duplex serial standard.
D. It allows up to 320 MB/s of shared channel bandwidth.

Correct Answer: CD
MPLS VPN is a family of methods for harnessing the power of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to
create Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). When using MP-BGP peering to connect two MPLS-VPN service
providers to one another between route reflectors.
Which type of routes should be exchanged between the ASBRs?

A. infrastructure routes
B. PE loopback addresses
C. labeled routes
D. VPN routes

Correct Answer: B
The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery. When configuring the SPF exponential backoff timer, which one of the following items is among the primary issues to consider?
A. number of external routes
B. area size
C. average SPF run time
D. interface stability

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 116
Scalability is provided in the server farm module by which of the following design strategies?
A. up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth at the access level
B. redundant servers at the access level
C. modular block design at the access level
D. high port densities at the access level

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 117
A service provider would like to provide a service allowing customers to span VLANs across multiple campuses. Which configuration will allow this service provider to achieve its desired result with a minimal effect on the scalability of PE routers?
A. RFC 2547-based service, with MPLS/LDP between PE and CE (in other words, CsC)
B. VPWS service, with 802.1Q between PE and CE
C. RFC 2547-based service, with L2TPv3 between PE and CE
D. VPWS service, with QinQ between PE and CE

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 118
In this network presented in the following exhibit, configuring all routers to run OSPF on all interfaces. If you examine the OSPF database on P4S-R4, in which LSA will you find

A. is in a router (type 1) LSA generated by P4S-R3.
B. is in a summary (type 3) LSA originated by P4S-R3.
C. is in a network (type 2) LSA originated by P4S-R3.
D. is not in any LSA in the OSPF database at P4S-R4, because P4S-R4 and P4S-R3 are in different areas.

Correct Answer: B
LLQ is short for Low Latency Queue .VoIP traffic is mapped to (LLQ) over a slow speed link. Which kind of delay will seriously affect the quality of voice for this link?
A. encoding delay
B. serialization delay
C. propagation delay
D. packetization delay

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 120
According to the following exhibit, will traffic sourced from router P4S-RA and destined for a host on network always take the optimal path to that host?

A. No, if router P4S-RA chooses to forward traffic destined to a host on the network to router P4S-RB, it will take a less than optimal path to reach its destination.
B. It doesn’t matter which path to a host on router P4S-RA chooses, through router P4S-RB or router P4S-RC, since they are equal in cost.
C. Yes, router P4S-RA has enough information to always direct traffic to router P4S-RC when forwarding traffic to a host on the network.
D. Yes, router P4S-RB will forward the traffic towards correctly, if router P4S-RA chooses that path.

Correct Answer: A
You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. Your company is using the G.711 codec with 802.11a access point radios. This can support a maximum of how many phones per access point?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 14
D. 20
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 122
You work as a network administrator for the P4S company. You are responsible for a large-scale EIGRP network and you have discovered that one hub-and-spoke topology in the network is generating a lot of link flaps. You have tried many times to reduce the number of link flaps, but it seems that the stability of the hub-and-spoke topology can not be improved. The reason for this is that most failures seem to result from power outages in a number of locations. Which action should you take?

A. demand that uninterruptible power supplies be installed at every point in the network to prevent future outages
B. summarize the routes advertised into the core of the network to reduce the impact of these frequent failures
C. switch routing protocols to IS-IS, which handles large neighbor counts better and supports Partial SPF by default
D. switch routing protocols to OSPF, then create area boundaries to reduce the size of fault domains

Correct Answer: B
In this BGP setup shown in the following exhibit, AS 400 advertises to its peers. Border routers
in AS 100 reset the next-hop router to themselves. P4S-R2, P4S-R3, and P4S-R4 are route reflector
clients of P4S-R1 and P4S-R5 is a non-client iBGP peer of P4S-R1.
Which option is the BGP next hop on P4S-R5 for the address
A. P4S-R6
B. P4S-R5
C. P4S-R2
D. P4S-R4

Correct Answer: D

352-001 vce

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